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Family GLOW

Family GLOW is a special blacklight experience that all ages can enjoy!
Family GLOW is offered Sundays 5pm-7pm and we offer special events on School Holidays!
60 min Family GLOW pass is $14.99
120 min Family GLOW pass is $19.99

GLOW shirts are included in Family GLOW pass. Re-wear your SZ GLOW shirt to save $2
Non-jumpers that wish to accompany small jumpers must wear SkySocks and a neon or GLOW shirt.
SkySocks can be purchased for $2.49/pair GLOW shirts can be purchased for $5.

We place jumpers on the courts near other jumpers of similar size for safety.
Waivers are required for all persons entering the Park

Please select a date and time

Reservations require a newly completed waiver for each participant (Under 18 must have waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian).



All sales are final. Online tickets purchases can not be refunded or exchanged for different times. 

Please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure timely check-in.
Sky Zone monitors reserve the right to separate participants by age/size for safety, and Ultimate Dodgeball cannot be guaranteed.
If you re-wear your sky socks you will receive a $2.49 refund (does not apply to SkyFit)